President/CEO/Music Director, SW Soul Circuit

COO, SW Soul Circuit

Kevin Hamilton

Kevin is responsible for strengthening the impact and scope of work for the Southwest Soul Circuit in order to meet the needs of citizens of all ages throughout the Southwest by planning events, teaching music classes and performing at events and on projects which have cultural enrichment and performing arts elements.

As a singer, Kevin’s vocal music experience has spanned the full gamut, from singing Gospel music in the church choir to performing as a principle performer in (3) major operas as a classically trained baritone. Kevin started playing piano while working in the US Air Force as a F-15 fighter jet aviation electronics technician. With years of international experience, Kevin provides a solid foundation for growth within the Southwest Soul Circuit. 

As a recording artist, Kevin plays almost all of the instruments in the studio to create unique, musically sound compositions. He is poised to create a musical catalog of over 1000 compositions for his publishing company, Eclectic Soul Music.


Tanishia Hamilton

Tanishia is responsible for strategic planning while managing the operations, staff and events of the Southwest Soul Circuit.  She is accountable for management of all facets of production and promotions to include finance, staff/volunteer management, marketing campaigns, talent acquisitions and the like all while performing as an Independent Recording Artist. 

Obtaining an MBA with an emphasis in information technology, Tanishia learned her leadership and management skills as a pioneer member of an IT leadership development program with a top aerospace/defense company. Serving as the world-wide face of diversity for this company, Tanishia transitioned into her new career by co-founding the Southwest Soul Circuit.

As a performer, Tanishia started singing at an early age in the church with her father as her main influence. She started her career as a performer shortly after marrying Kevin Hamilton in 2006.  With a rare angelic voice, Tanishia captivates audiences with her natural delivery.